Sunday, 9 February 2014

Is romance lost on me?...

I'm sure you've all noticed the plethora of pink engulfing the greetings card shops and supermarkets in the past weeks.  So we all know what that means, the day dreaded by couples and singles alike is fast approaching.  In many respects I'm very lucky.  Not only do I, for the first time in centuries, have a wonderful guy in my life but we stumbled into the 'what do you expect for valentines day conversation' almost by accident... Well at least I assume it was an accident I can never really tell with him. 

I was also really fortunate that he felt the same way. I've always thought Valentines day was a strange idea and have never understood why I should be obligated to show someone I care about how much they mean to me on that day in particular. How special someone is shouldn't be dictated and fluctuate depending on what greetings card companies have decided. Luckily he agreed that it was totally arbitrary too, or did a really good job of pretending that's what he thought.  Consequently we agreed to simply spend some time together and exchange the obligatory card.  That is actually what this post is about.  As you've probably already gathered we're an unusual couple, which is really why we work so well together.  Taking this into account the design I came up with for his card includes some of the cliched imagery of love hearts but with a modern, steam-punk twist allowing for something a little more unusual.  

I hope boyfriend likes it!