Friday, 11 April 2014

Gradient Effects

With a little extra time on my hands (something I should really be filling with uni stuff given I've got an exam and my dissertation hand-in coming up) I decided to experiment with some ink effects.  

In an unusually girly moment I'd started to sketch out a row of perfume bottles, unwilling to make this into a full still-life I was keen to find something that would lift visual appeal of this print without making it overly complicated and keeping the simple design aspect.  I'd cut the bottles on small, separate pieces of lino so I could trial compositions before making a definite design.  This would also mean if I wanted to create a slight variation of this print with fewer bottles all I'd have to do would be to remove the desired pieces from the backing board and arrange them as I liked.  

(Sorry about the poor quality photos, my phone camera isn't that great)

Having researched a few techniques I thought applying a basic gradient would lend itself particularly well to the composition.  I decided to go for warm, vibrant colours.