Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Autumn Almanac #1

As promised here is the start of my Autumn reminiscence.

Whereas summer passed in a haze of end of year parties, graduation and long hours sitting in an Ice-Cream van, autumn hit me with some serious life decisions.  I seemed to spend a considerable amount of time filling in job applications and traveling to interviews (at the minute unfortunately to no avail).  Autumn's had its fair share of excitement and adventure too though!

Last September I was lucky enough to go on a short holiday to Madrid (they'll be more on this in a later post), partly because I wanted a break from work, mostly because I wanted to spend some time with Boyfriend but also to meet BF's mother.  As much as I was excited to see Madrid and spend some much needed time with BF (this long distance thing can be hard but I'm more than confident we can make it work) I was also quite nervous about meeting his mum.  Previously I've never been much of a 'relationship person' and had never been faced with a 'meet the parents' scenario until his father visited England last February. 

Keen to make a good impression and to show how appreciative I was that she'd already agreed to welcome me into her home without ever having set eyes on me and for the beautiful graduation present she left for me last July (before you say anything I did enquire about the possibility/necessity of sending a thank you card in July) I made a print to put on a thank you card for her.  I struggled to decide on an image because I'd never met BF's mother and wasn't sure about her personal interests. In the end I figured you can't really go wrong with a simple rose.  I experimented with a couple of colours to decide what looked best. 

Although the colours don't correspond perfectly on the last image, I really liked the relaxed blending over the leaves and gentle fade into the rich red of the petals. I hope she liked it (and me for that matter)!

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