Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Happy New Year!

I'm afraid there's no print for you all today.  With all the winter festivities printmaking has had to take a bit of a backseat.  I just wanted to round up 2014 by sharing with you some of my personal highlights from the last 12 months. It has been a busy old year in Prints Regent HQ and so much has changed!

The big happy highlights are:

I graduated from university - something I never thought I would do

I finally managed to take a holiday outside the UK - Lino's of this are still in the works

I both left a job and landed a job

I moved from Falmouth back to home and then from home back to Falmouth

I moved in with Boyf and his lovely housemates

I've been more active on blog-social networking and learnt so much about printmaking from other bloggers

And finally I have actually been keeping to my 2014 New Years Resolution of updating this blog at least once a month (well virtually, everyone's allowed one slip right?!) - something I hope to continue in 2015

I've had a truly lucky year and have lots of things to be thankful for but with every New Year comes greater challenges in life and I wish you all the courage, hope and faith to overcome any hurdles you may face.

I hope you have a fantastic New Year and ring it in in style!

Sunday, 14 December 2014

Autumn Almanac #3 - Baby It's Cold Outside

Since moving to Cornwall for university the beginning of the Christmas period has always been marked by the Truro City of Lights parade (even if it is in mid-November).  All three years I was at university I stood in the cold to watch the procession of volunteers trudge, march and dance though whatever weather condition a Cornish November could throw at them.  Having graduated last July I was a bit disappointed at the thought of missing it this year when out of the blue (absolutely no cajoling necessary) Boyf sent me a message offering to take me (although he obviously regretted his generosity and selflessness as I skipped off to the train station with a slightly grumbly Bf in tow).

I took a whole host of photos throughout the night to work from and I'm sure you can expect a selection of lino cuts to come from them.  This is the first one I completed. I had some unusual problems getting the ink to adhere to the paper which explains the slightly mottled effect.  Having said that, I really like the vintage effect it gives this print. I only wish I knew how I did it so I might be able to recreate it another day! This is a pretty simple and sweet design and I think it would make a lovely Xmas/Thank you card for that special someone who gave up his evening to make mine awesome!

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas!

It's almost my favourite time of year again! All the lights are twinkling, the fires are crackling and the chestnuts are roasting.  This year I'm taking part in a Christmas Blog Hop so be sure to follow the link and check out some of the other wonderful crafting ideas!

The beginning of December means starting to think about Xmas cards for my family and friends.  This year I wanted to design something a little less traditional, so left the mince pies, mulled wine and Christmas Wreaths to those more talented artists and went for something simple but effective.  I wanted to strip back the idea of homemade cards to what they used to be when I was younger; a way to show those I love that I appreciate them. Using this principle I decided I wanted to make this years design as simple as possible. It would not be featuring any intricate texture or detail, just a simple image with lots of bold patterns similar to something I would have made when I was a child.  Simple, no fuss, black and white... Well almost.

Sweaters Hung By The Chimney With Care

I hope everyone likes receiving these cute little winter jumper designs!  They came out just the way I hoped they would. Now all I need is a bit of crisp winter weather to deliver them in!