Sunday, 14 December 2014

Autumn Almanac #3 - Baby It's Cold Outside

Since moving to Cornwall for university the beginning of the Christmas period has always been marked by the Truro City of Lights parade (even if it is in mid-November).  All three years I was at university I stood in the cold to watch the procession of volunteers trudge, march and dance though whatever weather condition a Cornish November could throw at them.  Having graduated last July I was a bit disappointed at the thought of missing it this year when out of the blue (absolutely no cajoling necessary) Boyf sent me a message offering to take me (although he obviously regretted his generosity and selflessness as I skipped off to the train station with a slightly grumbly Bf in tow).

I took a whole host of photos throughout the night to work from and I'm sure you can expect a selection of lino cuts to come from them.  This is the first one I completed. I had some unusual problems getting the ink to adhere to the paper which explains the slightly mottled effect.  Having said that, I really like the vintage effect it gives this print. I only wish I knew how I did it so I might be able to recreate it another day! This is a pretty simple and sweet design and I think it would make a lovely Xmas/Thank you card for that special someone who gave up his evening to make mine awesome!


  1. Really charming! I love her little expression :) xx

  2. Awwww. This is really sweeeet. :))

  3. What a fun parade :) Reminds me of when I was living in New Orleans last year.

    I really love that print! The look on her face is perfect with the light. Do you have any tutorials, or any you can recommend?

    1. Oh I'd love to see the parades in New Orleans! I had a friend who briefly lived near there and she always said how lovely the celebrations were.

      I don't actually write tutorials myself, I always feel a bit under-qualified to offer advise as I'm still a bit of an amateur and learning so much myself. I've learnt a lot about printing from this blog though He offers some really great tutorials particularly on ink techniques!