Sunday, 18 January 2015

Somebody's all grown up!

Just a very quick post to kick off a New Year of blogging.  The 15th January marked one of my friends/housemates birthdays and as part of his present I made him a personalised birthday card. As he is the president of the university I wanted to make him a jokey card which referenced this.  It's surprisingly pretty hard to depict someone as president (unless you include a cliched sash) so I decided to go for king instead... I mean I guess he's sort of top dog (not that I'd ever tell him that).

This design used skills I'd not stretched in a long time, for the joke to have full effect it had to look obviously like my friend.  I chose a Andy Warhol style image (something I hadn't attempted since I was in college) and added a cartoon crown.  I'm pretty pleased with the outcome and it seemed to go down pretty well with him too!

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