Thursday, 28 May 2015

The Español Exploit

Here is the thank you card I made for
Bfs mum, more can be seen about that
Well the posting every month didn't go to well now did it?! Since starting my new job I've been so super busy I haven't really had much time for printing or for this blog at all.  

One thing I have been doing though is catching up on some photos and prints I have been working on for a long time now.  Last September I was lucky enough to travel to Boyfriend's hometown, Madrid for a much needed break from serving ice-cream after a busy summer but more importantly to spend some quality time with Boyf (the long distance thing became a bit difficult at times but we made it work) and to meet some of his family.  The city is really beautiful and Bf made a wonderful tour guide!  I took lots of photos to work from when I got back from our little trip and since September I have been working on prints inspired by this holiday.

We went to see all the most important parts of the city on the first day and went rowing in Buen Retiro Park. Then on the second day of our holiday Boyf's father showed us around The Museo del Prado.  The Goya collection was really fantastic! On the third day of our trip Boyfriend took me to the zoo because he knows how much I love parrots and for €3 we were able to feed them. I loved it and apparently the smile on my face was hilarious!  On our final full day in Madrid we headed with Bf's father a little way outside the city to El Escorial.  The building was absolutely beautiful and the tour guide gave us some really interesting facts.  On the last day, as we weren't flying back to England until the evening, we went into the city to pick out some souvenirs. Poor Boyfriend wasn't particularly impressed to be dragged into all the tacky touristy shops hahaha! We then went to look around some of the park again.  I wouldn't have been able to see the whole thing even if I'd spent the whole week walking around but what I did get to see was lovely.  I took some great photos of the peacocks in the park to work from!

This was one of the first prints I created from the photos.  I tried to combine a variety of textures to create the allusion of patterns and different consistency's in the birds plumage.  To add even greater depth I left a lot of positive space on the print to allow for a gradient effect with the ink. 


I had such a wonderful time and hope I get to go back soon! :)