Sunday, 21 June 2015

Summer time and the living is easy...

 .... It's really not easy.  This has been an exciting but very intense few weeks at Prints Regent HQ! In the past 3 weeks and a half weeks I have helped to organise the final 3 events in the Student Union calendar - the Garden Party (with everything from a ghost train to enough strawberries and cream for over a thousand people), Student Union Awards and finally Grad Ball (which is held in a castle grounds btw - so that's pretty bad ass too).  Now I've got all the fun of Freshers to plan!

Garden Party (C) Jack Mathews

Grad Ball (C) Laura Bailey

More photos can be found on the FXU Facebook Page.

Between all that I still managed to squeeze in a little Lino-ing too.  It's coming up to summer exhibition season and feeling inspired by the Cornish surroundings and the mythological romanticism associated with hanging out at a castle, I put together a little composition of a mermaid looking out to sea.

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