Monday, 25 April 2016

Holy Moly where is the time going (on work that's where)

I’ve been fairly quiet on here recently and I know I use the same excuse every time but I really have been very busy with work…. Promise!  Since I last posted in January we’ve held 6 large student events up on campus. On average that’s one every other Saturday!

I was particularly proud to be a part of our big electro-swing event at the beginning of March as my boss left me in charge of choosing the bands and liaising with them to make sure everyone arrived at the venue on time, fortunately everything went off without a hitch despite having to fly the headline act in from Copenhagen. Check out some of the photos below and see what you think! All photos copyright of the wonderful Jack Matthews.

The full album can be found on the bars Facebook page here.

Our esteemed guests were Don Johnston, The Jenova Collective and Swing Republic. It was amazing to bring such big names to such a tiny bit of England.  Everyone seemed to have an amazing time including me (even if I seemed like a stressy, sweaty mess that evening).

There were so many fantastic costumes, the student’s really looked amazing and the bar and staging didn’t look too shabby either! I’d love to work with some of the patterns and colours in my prints and you can expect a follow up post soon!